Struggles too have exited
To be reborn as petals on the breezes.
— Susan Dishinger
Anatta, anicha, dukha
I’m sure I could work this out
if i just had a little more time.
— Emilie Teiko Cartoun
This is my wish for you.
— Shintai Dungay
The wave comes in and goes out
WIthout ever increasing or decreasing
But ever changing
— Susan Michelle
Paper, kindling, match,
a small flame being nurtured.
Wood catches, flame leaps wildly blowing
everywhere erratically.
Fire settles down
burning maturely with a steady blaze.
Bright red coals form,
eventually turning to ash.
— Penny Mock
Full moon
waxes and wanes,
passes through clouds,
sometimes an eclipse,
then re-appears
Finally disappears
from view.
— Penny Mock
Now you have it.
Oh, really?
Grab the mist.
— Bruce Ryan
The glass slips out of my grasping hands.
A thousand suns glisten on my kitchen floor.
— Monica Smith
So much dwelling on this moment,
What a waste ...
— Kimberley Choan Wood-Saldaña
When the future becomes the past
and now is forgotten.
— Kimberly Choan Wood-Saldaña
This ride was not wild enough ...
dang it.
— Kimberley Choan Wood-Saldaña
grasping grasping grasping
For what?
Hands have no choice
to let go, or not
The moment has come.
— Kimberley Choan Wood-Saldaña