Poems of Death and Rebirth for 2015


The silver crescent
Is but a slice of what really is.
In a moment the moon
Will be full again.

- Monica Smith

Full moon setting over the West
as Dawn appears above the Mountain
As its light is overtaken by the day

- Penny Mock

Jumping from the mountain
Supported only by each moment.

- Sean Maloy

Yesterday is just a faint away
I look to the sky for
my endless path
Where it leads I will

- Karen Norton

Another mystery approaches.
This one ...
Oh well. 

- Shintai Dungay

Turning towards brightness
how strange
It was there all along.

- Shintai Dungay

Oh shit
Here goes my I again

- Bruce Ryan

Celibrate sunrise
Honor sunset
Because the consciousness
In between is all we get.

- Andrew

To love, to serve
and to know God
in life and in death.

- Nancy Ashley

This body:
3 trillion glittering, sparkling cells
Fiercely, passionately attached to this life.
We are all
Sure going to miss each other.

- Emilie Teiko Cartoun

As darkness fades
The light is calling
I must go.

- Karen Norton