Life seems like an awful lot of fuss to go through
Just to end up as one more dead person.
— Emilie Teiko Cartoun
When I think of the person i was 30 years ago
I think I must have died a million times already
without noticing.
— Emilie Teiko Cartoun
All the clocks and
watches stop
and keep true time.
— Shintai Dungay
Sun rises with a glow
glittering over snow.
The day emerges.
Sun sets with a glorious fire
or a subtle light shining through branches.
— Penny Mock
Now what can I do
With my weltschmerz?
Dirty snow melts.
— Bruce Ryan
A gate opens
A gate closes
Nothing remains
My Ten Thousand cronies let go, saying
Be still, be firm, be tender
go now -
one bow -
— Marty Genso Skinner
No matter the delusions, grasping and resistance,
Here I am.
— Kimberly Wood-Saldaña
I’ve gathered much, I leave you nothing.
— Kimberly Wood-Saldaña
Run, run, run, keep moving ...
I have went no where
— Kimberly Wood-Saldaña
The box without walls,
that I never fit into
— Kimberly Wood-Saldaña
Goring forth without expectations,
as never before - metta
— Kimberly Wood-Saldaña
A small comet
Time to land
Somewhere else.
— Sharon Wood Wortman